Take Note!

Thanks to those that attended on Friday – and to those of you who didn’t and made no effort to contact us about why, it was disappointing.

The activity set for last Friday’s class included an interpretation – in this case centred around the Bracken lookout and the northern cemetery. We will hear those interpretations this Friday. For those of you who didn’t take part in this you will have to design your own interpretation (on a site)  and present this to the class before we go to Wanaka. This must be completed.  Uuse the “theme” and “planning an intepretation” worksheets on the student drive to develop your interpretation.

Some of you have started looking at the interpretation assessment – which is good.  Again use the worksheets to help you with this. You may not have a theme until you have completed your research on Mt Iron. You will find that an internet search will not provide you with enough information and you will have to  (and should)  search further afield for information. From this research you should be able to decide upon a theme. So while you all may have similar information, your theme or the angle with which you choose to tell your story will be different. The last thing David and I wish to hear is the same story, told the same way, eleven times.

I hope everyone will be in class on Friday, wear suitable shoes for walking.


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